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Matrox Solios eV-CL

Matrox Solios eV-CL
Товар был добавлен в наш каталог Среда, 29 Мая 2013
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Matrox Solios eV-CL is a value-packed PCIe® x4 frame grabber that supports the full-range of Camera Link® interfaces (dual-Base, single Medium/Full, 10-tap and PoCL) and offloads typical pixel pre-processing tasks.



  • perform deterministic image acquisition by way of the jitter-free Camera Link® interface
  • eliminate missed frames through a PCIe® x4 host interface and ample on-board buffering
  • use the most high-performance cameras with available support for 10-taps (eV-CLF/CLFL) at 70 MHz
  • employ a single board for area and line scan, monochrome and color (Bayer, RGB and tri-linear) acquisition
  • optimize multi-camera applications via support for two independent cameras per board (eV-CLB/CLBL)
  • minimize space requirements and maximize PC compatibility through a half-length design with mini Camera Link® connectivity (eV-CLB/CLF) for true single slot operation
  • reduce system cabling and eliminate camera power supplies by way of Power over Camera Link® (PoCL) support (eV-CLB/CLBL)
  • free valuable host CPU resources by offloading pre-processing tasks: Bayer interpolation (eV-CLB/CLBL), color space conversion and look-up tables
  • reduce development and validation costs through a managed lifecycle offering consistent long term availability
  • implement image capture with ease and confidence using Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) application development toolkit
  • maintain flexibility and choice by way of 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista®, Windows® 7 and Linux® support




·     PCIe® x4 host interface

·     128/256/512 MB of DDR SDRAM - up to 1.7 GB/s

·     Camera Link® acquisition

- two (2) independent Base Camera Link® ports (eV-CLB/CLBL)

· Power over Camera Link® (PoCL) with SafePower

- one (1) Medium Camera Link® port                                                         

- one (1) Full Camera Link® port (eV-CLF/CLFL)

· 10-tap support

- 20 MHz to 85 MHz Camera Link® clock

·     serial ports(s) mapped as PC COM port(s)

·     supports frame and line scan sources

·     on-board image reconstruction

·     on-board image sub-sampling

·     on-board color space conversion

·     input formats

- mono 8/16-bit

- color 8/16-bit

·     output formats                                                                                            


- mono 8/16-bit


- RGB 8/16-bit planar - BGRa 32-bit packed

·     on-board Bayer conversion (eV-CLB/CLBL)

- GB, BG, GR and RG pattern support


·     on-board look-up tables (LUTs) per port

- two (2) 256 x 8-bit look-up tables (LUTs) - two (2) 4K x 12-bit look-up tables (LUTs)

·     support for one (1) quadrature rotary encoder per port

·     MIL license fingerprint and storage


Connectivity (eV-CLB/CLF)


·     two(2) mini Camera Link® (HDR) connectors

·     one (1) DBHD-15 male connector

- three (3) TTL configurable auxiliary I/Os - two (2) LVDS auxiliary inputs

- one (1) LVDS auxiliary output


- two (2) opto-isolated auxiliary inputs


·     optional add on DBHD-15 male connector4 - three (3) TTL configurable auxiliary I/Os - two (2) LVDS auxiliary inputs

- one (1) LVDS auxiliary output

- two (2) opto-isolated auxiliary inputs

·     optional add on DB-91 female connector4 - one (1) TTL configurable auxiliary I/O - one (1) LVDS auxiliary input

- two (2) opto-isolated auxiliary inputs


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