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Matrox Rapixo CXP

Matrox Rapixo CXP
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Matrox Rapixo CXP 

  • Support for the highest speeds available in CoaXPress 2.0
  • Connect to and capture from up to four cameras or combine connections for even higher data rates
  • Simplify cabling with PoCXP support between cameras and vision computer
  • Offload host computer of custom image processing using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) device
  • Distribute image processing workload across multiple computers through data forwarding capability
  • Synchronize with sensors, encoders, and controllers with ample auxiliary I/Os for each CoaXPress connections.
  • Use license fingerprint for Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X software and avoid the need for a separate hardware key  

FPGA-based image processing offload

The Matrox Rapixo CXP Pro makes use of an FPGA device from the Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale™ family for not only integrating the controlling, formatting, and streaming logic of the various interfaces, but also allowing developers to incorporate Matrox Imaging- or user-developed custom image pre-processing operations to offload from the host computer. A variety of FPGA sizes are available for the Matrox Rapixo CXP Pro, providing a range of solutions tailored to a given application. Operations performed on-board are controlled through MIL X application-development software. Within MIL X, an existing FPGA configuration can be rearranged to perform a required sequence of operations without necessarily having to generate a new FPGA configuration. Using the Matrox FDK, developers generate their own FPGA configurations with custom operations written in C/C++.  

Data forwarding for distributed processing

The Matrox Rapixo CXP series also offers the possibility of distributing image processing across multiple computers using the data forwarding option. This feature enables the relaying of images to another computer using four output connections running at 12.5 Gbps. The data forwarding is accomplished without host computer involvement as image data is re-transmitted prior to also being stored in onboard memory thus minimizing latency. Images can be retransmitted to multiple computers in a daisy chain fashion by equipping each PC with Matrox Rapixo CXP with data forwarding option.

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