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Ensemble Designs Avenue 7940 SD Aspect Ratio Converter

Ensemble Designs Avenue 7940 SD Aspect Ratio Converter
Товар был добавлен в наш каталог Среда, 19 Июня 2013
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7940 SD Aspect Ratio Converter


  • - SD Aspect Ratio Converter
  • - 16 bit processing
  • - Accepts asynchronous signals
  • - Reference input – output is timeable
  • - Auto-detects input standard and frame rate
  • - Passes closed captioning
  • - Proc Amp
  • - Built-in test pattern and tone
  • - Audio Mux/Demux optional
  • - Audio Automatic Gain Control optional
  • - Add audio sub module for delay and processing
  • - Occupies one slot in frame, even with audio option


The 7940 is an aspect ratio converter for standard definition signals. Resizing and Repositioning includes choices for: Letterbox, Anamorphic, Crop and Zoom. Proc amp controls are provided in the form of Video, Chroma and Pedestal.


The 7940 can be configured locally or controlled and configured remotely with Avenue Touch ScreensExpress Panels, or Avenue PC Software. Alarm generation, configurable user levels, module lock out, and customizable menus are just some of the tools included in the Avenue control system.


Automatic Aspect Ratio Conversion


The 7940 supports AFD (Active Format Description) to mark or identify the aspect ratio of the video content. These flags are generated at the output of the module, and they are read at the input. This allows the up and downconversion process to adapt automatically to material that is already in letterbox or pillarbox form in order to produce the most appropriate conversion.


Audio Options


When an audio sub module is installed, audio is automatically delayed as needed to compensate for the video processing in the 7940. For complete audio processing, choose from three different audio sub modules. Sub modules plug onto the 7940 board and do not take up a slot in the frame.


The 8415 is an eight-channel audio sub module with AES I/O that provides management of embedded audio in the processing path, or supports audio embedding/disembedding alongside the video processing elements. Embedded audio is safely bypassed around the video frame store with the lip sync preserved. Level adjustments and channel shuffling are accessed through the built-in audio mixer. The 9670 Automatic Gain Control option can be added to the 8415. All audio processing is performed at full 24 bit resolution.


The 7610 provides carriage of up to eight channels of embedded audio through the format conversion process. Embedded audio in the input signal is delayed to match the video delay and preserve lip sync. The delayed content is reinserted in the video output. No level adjustment or channel swapping is provided.

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