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Matrox G450x4 MMS

Matrox G450x4 MMS
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The Matrox G450x4 MMS is a half length PCI quad monitor graphics card with dedicated chips, driving each monitor at independent resolutions.


  • Support for up to 4 digital or analog monitors at a time
  • Dedicated Matrox-designed graphics chip for each display
  • PCI card compatible with all PCI and PCI-X slots
  • 128 MB graphics memory
  • Support for independent resolutions for each display
  • Support for using multiple Matrox MMS graphics cards in a single system
  • Unified Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista XDDM drivers for Matrox MMS products
  • Easy-to-use Matrox PowerDesk driver interface
  • Matrox Clone to view a copy of one display on one or more other displays
  • Display pivoting (rotation)
  • Support for displays with special aspect ratios
  • Customizable combinations of independent/stretched, clone, or pivot modes for each display
  • Support for customizable unattended installation for rapid multi-system setup
  • Global sales and technical support
  • 3-year warranty


Hardware included

  • Matrox G450x4 MMS graphics card
  • 2 LFH60-to-DVI dual-monitor adapter cables (1-foot)
  • 4 DVI-to-HD15 connector adapters

Software included

  • Matrox display driver for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP *
  • Matrox PowerDesk (driver interface and utilities)
  • Matrox Hybrid Display (software to customize independent/stretched, clone, or pivot modes)

* Drivers for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP X64 (64-bit) and Windows Vista XDDM available online. For other possible operating systems, contact Matrox.


Optional upgrades

  • Dual-TV-output adapter cable (composite video and S-video, 1-foot)
  • LFH60-to-DVI dual-monitor cable (6-foot)


Maximum resolutions (per display)

  • Digital: 1280 x 1024
  • Analog: 2048 x 1536

A digital monitor is any monitor using a digital signal with a DVI connector, typically a flat panel. An analog monitor is any computer monitor using an analog signal with an HD-15 or DVI connector, typically an analog flat panel or a CRT.

Part number


Card type

PCI, 32-bit, 66 MHz, compatible with all PCI and PCI-X slots (not PCIe slots)

Graphics memory

128 MB

Bracket connectors

LFH-60 x 2

Card form factor


Bracket form factor


EMC certifications


Card size

6.5" x 4.2"

(Card size = length, not including bracket and bracket connectors x height, including slot connector. Card width is within specifications for a single card of the given type.)

* G45X4QUAD-B may also be available from resellers. For more information, see online Matrox RoHS information.


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